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Luther Vandross Songs

Luther Vandross songs have earned many nominations in musical awards.  He is one of the most reliable vocalist and song writers in his time.  His credibility as a singer expanded from R&B to revivals of classic and pop songs. He has released more than 25 million albums during the course of his career. Throughout his career he has won 8 Grammy Awards and in 2004, the hit maker song “Dance with My Father” won the Grammy’s Song of the Year Award. This song became one of the most requested wedding songs of all time.

Luther Vandross Songs

Vandross collaborated with many lady singers and one of his duet love songs was with Mariah Carey that became one of the most requested wedding songs. Because of this collaboration with the top lady singers he has created many Luther Vandross wedding songs. One of the many was the first dance wedding song titled “Here and now”.  He also made a duet with Roberta Flack, Dionne Warwick and many other lady singers. Another beautiful wedding song that many can relate to is the song entitled “Superstar”.  The melody is very inspiring and the vocals are awesome. If you feel you are in the mood, listen to the melodic love songs of Luther Vandross.

Luther Vandross Songs

Endless Love

Here are some of Luther Vandross top songs that you might want to download:

  1. Never Too Much
  2. So Amazing
  3. A House Is Not A Home
  4. Superstar
  5. Always And Forever
  6. Give Me the Reason
  7. Here and Now
  8. There’s Nothing Better Than Love
  9. Your Secret Love
  10. Dance with My Father

Dance with my father 

Always And Forever


Here and Now

Luther Vandross has a unique quality in his voice that he sings beautiful music especially in the R&B genre. As a singer, he always stood out from the rest of his contemporaries because of his elegant physical appearance and with the way he carried himself in front of a crowd.

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